Kindergarten is a pivotal time in a young child’s development, and the loving staff of “Life Christian Academy” is ready to guide your children through these important seasons.

Our objective is to provide your children with every opportunity for learning through active participation throughout their days, helping your children to grow socially, physically, and spiritually, preparing them for their coming years of formal education.

Students in our Kindergarten programs will experience a wide variety of learning opportunities, including:

   The importance of worship and of loving and obeying God

   Playing, sharing, and cooperating together with good manners

   Following directions and learning songs, poems, and role-playing

   Water, the seasons, animals, weather, seeds, and more

   Food, vitamins, exercise, restroom and hygiene habits

   Listening to and appreciating music, rhythm, and playing music

   Basic art concepts with opportunities to color, paint, glue and more

Physical Development
   Motor development, coordinated exercise, and free, safe play

Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday (school holidays excepted)
8:15 AM – 12:00 PM for half-day or
8:15 AM – 3:15 PM for full day


ABeka, Alpha Omega’s Horizons,
Bob Jones, and Positive Action for Christ

Additional Opportunities
Cost per Student

$200 annual Registration Fee
Call 303-438-1260 for monthly rates and curriculum fees

Class Size

12-15 students per class

To schedule an appointment or a tour, call 303-438-1260